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About Hayla Couture in Dubai

Bridal And Evening Luxury Gowns

Hayla Couture

Hayla Couture was started first as a dream, a passion and a wish. How fashion artists weaved the silky,dreams and chiffon visions of women into enchanting dresses. Hayla knew that she would, one day, stand to work her magic on fashionistas-in-the-making.
Working closely with reputable fashion designers, stylists, and models was a dream come true.

Hayla never missed an opportunity to learn more. And as the years went by, her passion grew bigger and she became eager to connect with more fashion lovers.
She created her own window to the world “YouTube channel” that allowed her to share all her experience with a limitless audience.

With her trendy taste and fresh outlook, Hayla soon earned the trust of her avid viewers and became an idol for youths out there.

Then, one year, Hayla decided to gather all that she had learned in one magical spot. In it, she put a piece of her heart.

She wanted it to be a place of taste, art, and creativity. It is a shop for sewing not only gowns but fairy tales for every lady who steps into it.

She called it Hayla Couture. And through it, she promises to make every evening “a happily ever after”.
Hayla Couture is a bridal and evening gowns boutique that offers a wide collection of hand-picked pieces to ladies aged between 16 and 45 years.
The collections are picked carefully from a selected range of European designers among whom are the Italian brands Luisa Sposa, Creazioni Elena, Fely Campo and Alessandra Rinaudo. It is a space of luxurious fashion where the romance of Italy meets the grandiosity of Spain to create the perfect gown for every night.
Hayla Couture offers for her bridals an in-house tailoring service.

Our Vision

We tend to provide the best shopping experience at your convenience and a professional team ready to help the bride and reduce her strain. Our mission is to see every bride receive the best assistance, counsel, and service.

She deserves all our loving attention.

Our mission

Our mission at “Hayla Couture” is to provide every bride with the dress of her dreams for her big night. We have our own philosophy that every bride has to feel as a queen, a butterfly with an elegant, romantic and comfortable gown.ppy occasions.

  • Sleeveless ball gown cut in Silk fabric, like 2 pieces dress.
  • Strapless trumpet cut combine in two colors White and Black.
  • wedding shoes high heels , lace , simple , crystal
  • wedding shoes high heels, lace, simple
  • off shoulder with modified A- line.
  • strapless with A- line cut in silk fabric.
  • strapless with ribbon on side available in pink.
  • strapless with flower design A-line cut in taffeta fabric.
  • strapless with crystal belt in chiffon fabric available in purple color.
  • Strapless ball gown in Silk fabric available in red color.
  • Off Shoulder sleeves, Spanish cut style available in purple, green, and blue.
  • Item code: Lona 60-12
  • Item code: Lona 60-14
  • Item code: 40-23
  • Item code: 40-20
  • Item code: 40-27
  • Item code: 40-01
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Trying to be forerunners and innovators in everything we do, we look at the world with brand new eyes.

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We break the monotony and dullness of life with the enthusiasm, the vitality, and the positivity of the colors of happiness.

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Our creativity ironically smiles to the excessive seriousness and morality of society. We also try not to be conventional and conformists.